Leslie Musser -048

When Leslie Musser gave birth to her son, Colton, she thought about his soft, newborn skin, and decided she would do everything she could to keep that skin away from fabrics that had been treated with pesticides.  That’s when she discovered how hard affordable, organic children’s clothing was to find.    Once a PR and events pro, Leslie had an idea: to create her own children’s clothing line, made from cotton grown in the United States, without the use of pesticides. Enter: KinderCapsule.com: a line of children’s organic clothing that grows with your child. At the heart of KinderCapsule is a passion to put an end to child sex trafficking by donating a portion of the proceeds from every sale to Operation Underground Railroad which rescues innocent children sold into slavery worldwide. Because you are a loyal listener to this podcast series, take advantage of Leslie’s special discount on her clothing line. Just use promo code CANDYO. @kindercapsule   #kinderkids @OURrescue    #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions

Kate Genovese -047

The opioid crisis in the United States is shattering the lives of addicts and breaking the hearts of families every day.  In this episode of The Story Behind Her Success, we meet Kate Genovese, the mother of a son she called her “golden boy” Christopher “Geno” Genovese.  A gifted all-star athlete, Geno experienced 6 serious injuries on the ice as a hockey player and on the football field.  These high school and college sports injuries lead to Geno’s addiction to painkillers, fentanyl and finally, heroin.  Geno died of an overdose at only 30 and Kate’s journey, as his mother and a lifelong registered nurse, brings light and honesty to an epidemic that knows no bounds.  Her book, Hat Tricks From Heaven follows the Genovese family through moments of hope to final heartache.  Kate’s loss is eased only by her need to educate other parents by telling her story and finally, to fund a half-way house with proceeds from the sale of this inspiring book.   #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions

Maria Salomão-Schmidt -046

We all have stories to tell and that’s what The Story Behind Her Success podcast series is all about. Life has not always been kind to this week’s guest.  In fact, she has known the deep grief of losing her baby girl Sophia when she was only 13 months old.  This experience “broke her wide open” and that’s where the story begins. Welcome to the reimagined life of Maria Salomão-Schmidt.  She is a wife, mother of 5, a Reiki Master, an expert in NLP, EFT, Chakra Balancing and Full Spectrum Healing.  A former guest on The Oprah Show,  this exceptional woman is the author of the best selling book:  Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA.  But here is my favorite part:  for all the pain and loss she has experienced, Maria is a passionate tsunami of love.  @coachmemaria   #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions


Roseann Sdoia-Materia -045

This story is perfect to post for Thanksgiving because it is about courage, hope, patriotism and the healing power of love. Boston Marathon Bombing survivor Roseann Sdoia is the author of the new book Perfect Strangers which chronicles four people whose lives intersected the moment the second bomb went off in front of the Forum Restaurant at the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line.  Roseann would lose most of her leg that day. She recalls her experience in stunning detail including what it was like to lose a limb and her refusal to use a wheelchair.  Make no mistake about it: Roseann’s recovery was hard work.  You’ll hear about the college student who ran to her side to apply a tourniquet to her leg, the female police officer who hailed the ambulance, and the big, tall firefighter who lifted her into the ambulance and held her hand all the way to Mass General. The bond these perfect strangers created on that terrible day can never be broken. Spoiler Alert:  Roseann marries one of them.  Get a box of kleenex for this interview.  You’re gonna need it.    #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions     #dracut

Christine Suau -044

Meet a woman who has experienced what every parent dreads the most:  the death of a child.   Christine Suau’s son, Devin was only 6 years old when he was diagnosed with DIPG, a very rare form of brain cancer.  Determined to do what she could to keep him alive, Christine conceived the hashtag:  WhyNotDevin, hoping he would be the very first child to beat this fatal disease.  It didn’t take long for the news of Devin’s cancer to travel around the world. He was visited by sports legends and famous actors and even blessed at a private audience with Pope Francis in Rome.  But as prayers poured in for Devin, he left this world in his mother’s arms, just 8 months after diagnosis.  The youngest of Christine’s 4 boys, Devin continues to be an inspiration for this exceptional woman who has created the Why Not Devin Foundation.  #whynotdevin    #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions

Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen -043

This episode features two very wise women who share a theory. They believe that we all live in a state of sustainable abundance. We just don’t see it. Instead, our mindset is focused on scarcity: the story that tells us we don’t have enough. Gina LaRoche & Jen Cohen are long-time friends, skilled coaches and consultants and co-authors of the new book The 7 Laws of Enough, published by Parallax Press. Their hope is to help us all create a shift from thinking about what we don’t have, to rejoicing in what we do have. sevenstonesleadership.com    #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions

Carol Chaoui -042

We’ve spent the month of October shining a light on the fight against breast cancer.  While there are new drug therapies that enable women to live longer, breast cancer statistics remain the same:  1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life time. And every 65 seconds, someone hears the words:  “you have breast cancer.”   I take the battle against breast cancer very seriously because I am a motherless daughter.  My mother Marjorie was only 52 when she died.  I was 18 and that loss defined me.  Years later, as a broadcaster, I had the opportunity to create a show, and put these women in the spotlight.  I did this for selfish reasons:  I needed to learn the kind of lessons from them that my own mother couldn’t teach me, because she was gone. I needed to soak up their wisdom, and I have.  Their stories have filled my heart.  And that quest for inspiring stories continues with this podcast series. In the spotlight: a woman who is a wife, mother, marathon runner, philanthropist and stage 4 cancer survivor.  In fact, this exceptional woman is living with 2 stage 4 cancer diagnoses: breast and thyroid. Her success story is based on putting one foot in front of the other, always walking forward, always running toward the finish line and never, ever giving up hope. This is the story of Carol Chaoui of Wellesley, Massachusetts.   #wellesley    #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions



Dr. Susan E. Pories -041

The numbers are staggering.  This year, 252,710 women will hear the words “you have breast cancer” and 40,500 will die of the disease. This week, we continue our focus on the fight against breast cancer by shining a light on Dr. Susan Pories, chief of Breast Surgery and the Medical Director of the Hoffman Breast Center at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. An Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and co-author of the books The Soul of a Doctor and The Soul of a Patient, Dr. Pories believes in compassionate care and the power of creating bonds that last with her patients. Humble and soft-spoken, Dr. Pories is a role model and a trailblazer for women in her field. #storybehindhersuccess #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions   candyoterry.com   @HoffmanBreastCenter

Alice Hoffman -040

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, we’re profiling breast cancer survivors and women who are at the forefront of breast cancer treatment.   In the spotlight, world-renowned author Alice Hoffman.  There’s a very good chance that one of her books is sitting on our bookshelf, or perhaps on the end table, next to your favorite cozy chair.  Alice has written more than 30 books and 6 of them have been made into movies.  She is pretty used to seeing her name on the New York Times Bestseller List.  But what she wasn’t prepared for 20 years ago was a breast cancer diagnosis.  #storybehindhersuccess  #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions   @HoffmanBreastCenter

Donna Tefft -039

October is breast cancer awareness month, so we’re profiling breast cancer survivors as well as women who are on the forefront in breast cancer research and treatment.Meet Donna Tefft.  She’s a wife, mother and the Vice President/Director of Marketing & Sales for The Pinehills, winner of the National Community of the Year Award. Designed like an authentic old New England village, The Pinehills is the largest new residential and commercial development in New England with a projected 3,065 homes and 2200 acres of open space.  As Donna celebrates her second year as a breast cancer survivor, this exceptional woman shares her initial fears, strategies that worked for her in her darkest hour, and her advice to women who are hearing the words “you have breast cancer” for the first time.  #storybehindhersuccess   #16LifeLessons   #mydoveproductions