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Holly Parker -139

Dating is like real estate; the longer you’re on the market, the more people are going to wonder what’s wrong with you! -Holly Parker

Meet New York City real estate powerhouse Holly Parker. One of Manhattan’s most successful and experienced brokers, Holly is with Douglas Elliman, NYC’s premiere luxury residential brokerage. With nearly 8 billion in sales, this exceptional woman is a force to be reckoned with. Holly has been selling high-end properties for 20 years and along the way she has figured out that real estate is a lot like life, and life is a lot like real estate. In fact, there are a ton of similarities between an impulse buy of a house unseen and jumping into a marriage too quickly! After 7 years of marriage, Holly found herself “falling out of contract” and dreaded being a newly divorced woman who was “back on the market”. This experience inspired her to write her first book, aptly named: back on the market: A Realtor’s Guide to Love and Life. In this interview, Holly shares the pain of her divorce, the triumph of her second marriage, and the secrets to being a real estate superstar. Her story about welcoming twin sons into her life via surrogate is priceless, and her advice about how to overcome obstacles and what success means to her will inspire you. After all these years of selling real estate, Holly Parker has come to a simple realization: love is what makes a home. Get to know more about Holly and join me for an honest and entertaining 24 minutes by hitting that download button. #realtor #storybehindhersuccess #thehollyparkerteam

Jodi Hemmer -138

Do you ever wonder if you’re too old to pursue your dreams? Today’s guest believes that age is just a number. Born and raised outside of Boston, Jodi had a real knack for acting as a child. She recalls joining hundreds of young girls and boys auditioning for a role in a traveling production of the Broadway smash “The King & I” starring Yul Brynner. Jodi was over the moon when she was offered a role and devastated when her parents told her that school must come first. Years went by and she nurtured her love of acting by playing the piano and appearing in community theatre. Jodi married and had three sons. As a young mom, she decided that having a business of her own would not only be exciting, but financially rewarding so she founded Nobscot Supply Company in 1998 and became certified as a Women Business Enterprise and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Now a well known and respected supplier of disposable safety and cleaning items, Nobscot Supply Company has taken on greater responsibility during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it was her decision to finally scratch that acting itch that brings new meaning to this interview. Jodi’s “ah-ha” moment came when she started filling in as a fitness instructor at Longfellow Health Club in Natick, MA. and the performer deep inside was on full display. Jodi started taking courses at Boston Casting and began building up her acting portfolio. Today, she has dozens of commercials and film credits to her name. And if you happen to see a woman in your social feed playing the piano as part of the Piano in a Flash worldwide promotion, that’s Jodi Hemmer! She’s loving every minute of this new and exciting chapter in her life and has plenty of advice for anyone who wants to take a similar leap of faith. For an “I can do it” attitude adjustment, just hit that download button! #storybehindhersuccess #16LifeLessons #covid19 #reinvention

Sheila Duncan -137

I knew nothing about children’s books, or children’s characters, or the entertainment industry, or anything. But I knew this was meant to be. -Sheila Duncan

It all started one day in 2006 when Sheila was spending time with her twelve year old niece, Kendra who had experienced a series of losses. First, her father passed away, then her grandmother “Nonnie” died of cancer, and finally, the family dog, Irish died as well. Through her tears, Kendra looked up at the TV and saw a telethon about children with cancer. She drew a picture of a small grey puppy and said: “His name’s “Trouble” and he’s gonna help kids having trouble in their lives”. Sheila remembers believing very deeply that something “divinely inspired” happened that day. The story line and the concept for the popular “Trouble The Dog” children’s book series was hatched and Sheila became the force that carried her niece’s compassion forward to the world. And it hasn’t been easy! In this interview, Sheila talks about what it takes to breathe life into an idea. With experience in the restaurant and the travel industries, she tapped into her inner-entrepreneur, figuring out how to break into the children’s book market with the first two books in the Trouble The Dog series, and then, how to manufacture a huggable plush toy by the same name, made in the USA. Throughout this interview, Sheila talks about the value of persistence, even when no one believes in your idea: “I listened to my intuition and to what the kids were saying to me. It was like there was a big foot in my back, propelling me forward. I just kept on going.” Trouble The Dog has given comfort to children in foster care who receive him as part of their therapy. He has traveled to Haiti after the earthquake, and to Newtown, Connecticut where he comforted children directly affected by the shootings at Sandy Hook. And it’s not just children who feel his love. Trouble has even helped wounded soldiers at Walter Reed cope with their injuries. With the upcoming release of a third book in the Trouble The Dog series, Sheila and Kendra’s mission to bring Trouble’s message to the world keeps on going. Says Sheila: “There’s something enchanting about this pup called Trouble. He comforts kids. Our next step is to bring Trouble to life on your TV screen as a meaningful cartoon series!” #hope #troublethedog

Crystal Gayle -136

When I started out, I was very, very shy. I do not know how I even got on stage, because if I could have hidden behind the microphone stand, I would have. -Crystal Gayle

In this episode, we’re on Music Row in Nashville to meet country music icon, Crystal Gayle. As one of the first female singers to crossover from country music to pop, she is considered a trailblazer by many. Born in Paintsville, Kentucky, Crystal is the youngest of 8 children and the sister of country legend Loretta Lynn. In this interview, she walks us through a career that is filled with equal parts luck and hard work. While it was fortunate that Crystal had a sister who could open doors for her, she had to walk through them on her own, proving that she had her own unique style. Signed to Decca Records at only 19, it wasn’t long before she scored her first hit in 1970 with a single called “I’ve Cried the Blues Right Out of My Eyes.” Six years later, she released “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” for United Artists and that song changed the trajectory of her career reaching #1 on the country charts and #2 on the pop charts. Later that year, the song would win Crystal the Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal and she would also become the first female country artist to go platinum. From that moment on, this shy singer with black hair that nearly touched the floor, was a superstar. A wife and mother of two grown children, Crystal opens up about what it was like to win the Grammy, the stories behind her songs “Talking In Your Sleep” and her duet with tour partner Eddie Rabbit called “You and I.” But what comes across in this very personal interview are Crystal’s combination of drive and humility. Determined to forge her own path, she admits she was scared to death. “If I could talk to my 19 year old self, I would tell her: Lighten up. Don’t worry so much. You don’t need to be perfect.“ For an honest look into the life of a country music legend, hit that download button. #countrymusic #inspiration #countrymusicsuccessstories

Kelley Tuthill -135

When something lousy happens, like a breast cancer diagnosis, what are you going to do about it? You can wallow, and that’s okay, but then you need to fight like hell. -Kelly Tuthill

Meet Kelley Tuthill, an award-winning, well-known and respected journalist and former TV anchor with a girl next door charm. Diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer at only 36, she admits that she did wallow for a few hours, maybe even days, but then she fought for herself, for her young family, and for others just like her. 14 years later, she’s thriving with three daughters and a new chapter in her ever-evolving life having segued from television news to academia as the VP of Marketing & Communications at Regis College, a small Catholic college in Weston, MA. One of four girls, Kelley was raised in the seaside town of Hingham and recalls her father encouraging her to go all in for any dream she had. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, Kelley spent 20 years loving the news business. In this interview, she shares what it was like to be a young reporter in rural Pennsylvania, knowing no one, as well as what it was like to work her way home to Boston as a part of the award-winning, legendary line up at WCVB, News Center 5. A passionate advocate for women experiencing breast cancer, Kelley allowed cameras to follow her through her own diagnosis and treatment, co-authoring the book: You Can Do This! Surviving Breast Cancer Without Losing Your Sanity or Your Style. Eager to experience and savor all that life has to offer, she recently earned her PhD in Leadership from Regis College. As we kick off breast cancer awareness month, Kelley’s words of wisdom ring true: “Hope is everything.” #inspiringstories #breastcancer