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Candy Costas -201

Work hard, play hard, enjoy every day and THINK BIG. -Candy Costas

Get ready for a personal and career story that plays out like a roller coaster ride! In the spotlight, Candy Costas, RN. She’s the President & Co-Owner of Privatus, a private, upscale nursing company with 500 employees that spans five states and counting What we will learn in this story is that running a nursing company was never part of Candy’s plan. The decision was the result of a personal crisis that took her completely by surprise, rearranging her life in ways she never could have imagined. Like so many of the women who have shared their stories on this show, Candy got brave. Instead of wallowing in her grief, she stood on her own two feet and used her talents as a nurse and a skilled salesperson to create her next big chapter. Today, her personal life brings her great joy and so does her career, which is on fire. Check out her website: for a taste of Candy’s personal style. Follow Candy on Instagram: @candy_costas_style and find out what makes this outgoing 64 year old sparkle and shine 24/7. For any woman facing the loss of a marriage due to betrayal, this episode is the shot of confidence you need to step into your power and reclaim your life on your terms. #womanpower #nursing #fashion #style

Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik -200

What makes us different is that we lead with kindness. We lead with relationships first, and the business comes organically and naturally. -Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik

In the spotlight, two moms who were invited by a colleague to meet for coffee. That meeting would change Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik’s lives because as they spoke and compared notes about their business careers, they realized what they lacked: a place at the table, a network of support, a community that would lift them up, and which they in turn could nurture and grow as well. It wasn’t long before they started meeting regularly and in 2018 Co-Founded the Women’s Business League which started out with 5 local chapters and and in just a few years has grown to 45 chapters nationwide. In this interview, the two discuss how they structured the organization based on kindness and connection, managed to inspire their members and grow during the pandemic, and that serving other women sets their hearts on fire. For a dose of keen business smarts and woman-power, hit that download button and please leave us a review.

Tanya Holton -199

Every day is a chance to make the world a more beautiful place. -Tanya Holton

The Arnold Arboretum is a treasure to Boston. Established in 1872 it encompasses 281 acres of land owned by Harvard University in an area of Boston called Jamaica Plain. The Arnold Arboretum is filled with 15,500 individual plants and is a benchmark for similar institutions all across North America. In this interview, we meet Tanya Holton, Director of Institutional Advancement. It is her mission to keep this urban paradise top of min, so that donors will fund it and the public can continue to enjoy the Arboretum in all its glory, free of charge. Tanya is also a champion for women in horticulture and has spent most of her career in the non-profit space. She’s also the treasurer of the National MALS Foundation (we’ll find out why she is connected to this disease that affects women more than men in this interview) and in her spare time, does research on women and education in the 19th century. Sound interesting? Hit that download button. #arnoldarboretum #womeninhorticulture #storybehindhersuccess