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Michelle Palladini -146

We need to come together, in community. This is the time. -Michelle Palladini

Meet police officer Michelle Palladini. The daughter of a state police officer, she remembers asking her father what he did when he went to work. When he replied: “I help people” she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Now a sergeant with the Norfolk, MA. police department, Michelle is breaking new ground with a community based, heart-centered program called L.E.A.P which stands for leadership, empowerment, awareness and protection. Asked to pilot her program in her town’s middle school, the goal was to create trust and pathways toward success between children and the local police…and it’s working all across the country. A graduate of Stonehill College with a degree in Criminal Justice, Michelle believes in finding the root cause of risky and criminal behavior. This, she says is the only way a police officer can truly “protect & serve”. #communitypolicing

Kim Gedney -145

This is what I’m here to do. Being spiritual, giving readings is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. And that’s how I know it’s right. Everything else has been hard. -Kim Gedney

Most psychics will tell you that they always had a 6th sense. They just “knew” things. But that was not always the case for Kim Gedney. The daughter of a drug addict, she had no time to think about anything else but survival and at one point, decided she wanted to end her life. That’s when her phone began to ring and ring and ring. When Kim finally answered the phone, the person on the other end changed her life forever with his message and that is where this story begins. Now a wife and devoted mother of two sons, Kim is a medium, a psychic, a healer and a spiritual and intuitive life coach. Her ability to tap into exactly what her clients need is what sets this exceptional woman apart. We settled into our interview at a little bed & breakfast in Simsbury, CT called the 1820 House for an interview that focused on a three things Kim believes to her core: 1. Your gut is never wrong. 2. Your mind can mess you up every time. 3. Faith is the belief that there is something more. Curious? Hit that download button for some earthly and spiritual wisdom to kick off 2021. #psychic #medium #spirit #believe