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Marci Bracken -183

I hope our reader’s breath is taken away as they read the stories in Living Crue. It’s a magazine, but it’s also a movement. -Marci Bracken

Waiting rooms can be boring and they can be magical, because you just never know who you might meet! In the spotlight, a woman who joined forces with woman she met in the waiting room of a karate studio, only to realize that the two had so much synergy, they had to do something about it. Meet the powerhouse co-founder of Waiting Room Media, LLC and the new magazine, Living Crue. Devoted to women’s stories, raw and bold, Living Crue is the kind of magazine you’ll look forward to reading from cover to cover (or in digital format if you prefer). With a firm belief that when we tell our stories, we pass along our wisdom, Marci and co-founder Bridget Snell hope to create a movement with the magazine, envisioning a vibrant community of support for their readers. Subscribe today: and use promo code CANDYO for 20% off your first year subscription. For a conversation about the power of friendship and the gift of creativity, just hit that download button. #livingcruemagazine

Suzanne Picher -182

When I heard that the fastest growing segment of the homeless population are young moms with one or two children, I said: women would be up in arms to know about this. -Suzanne Picher

Meet a woman who is doing what she can to make a real difference in the lives of homeless women and children in Boston. Suzanne Picher is the Chief Development Officer at a non-profit called Heading Home, Inc. This small but mighty organization meets each client at the door with compassion and hope, providing shelter, and all the support a homeless person needs including programs that lead to the ultimate goal of permanent housing. In this interview, Suzanne says “ Our clients come to us pretty broken, they feel very down about where they are in their lives and on top of that, they have the trauma of not feeling safe and worrying about the safety of their children.” For the story of a woman whose career path has lead her to exactly where she needs to be, just hit that download button. #homelessness

Kim Miles -181

I’m very much a leap before you look kind of a gal. I encourage others to do the same as well because you are never going to know unless you try. -Kim Miles

Being brave, venturing outside your comfort zone is the only way we learn new things. It’s also how we experience what we are capable of. This is how we grow, and Kim Miles is proof of that because she’s literally a one woman show. Kim has been taking chances and accomplishing great things for decades, despite the ups and downs of life, including a cancer diagnosis. A graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University, she is a media pro, a financial planner, a former technology sales superstar, a Ted Talker, a singer, an emcee, a content creator, a fearless entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of Miles In Heels. If you need a kick in the butt and a dose of inspiration to start something you’ve been putting off, this episode will point you in the right direction! #entreprenuer #milesinheels

Donna DePrisco -180

Jewelry is a symbol-an expression of our love for each other. Throughout my career as a jeweler, I have been blessed to witness this love every single day. -Donna DePrisco

Known as “Donna Diamonds” and “Boston’s Jeweler to the Stars” Donna DePrisco was born into the sparkling world of diamonds and gems. Her parents, Frank and Marie DePrisco opened the doors to their first showroom in Boston just after World War II and expanded to locations in Wellesley and Osterville as their reputation for treating customers like family continued to grow. Donna’s career path may surprise you and she tells her story in this up-close and personal interview, recorded in their Boston location inside the prestigious Jeweler’s Building with candor and humility. A classically trained pianist, Donna spent her early life in music and entertainment until it became “more jewelry and less show biz.” She’s a certified gemologist who has shared her knowledge as a diamond expert on radio and television and has been featured in magazines. Donna is also an expert witness in court cases involving diamonds and gems, and is an appraiser for the FBI. After decades of dedication as a member of the boards of Catholic Charities, the Boston Public Library and the Museum of Fine Arts, Donna was appointed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to the elite Board of Humanities and Preservation of the Arts.