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Erin Brockovich -013

You’ve probably seen the Academy Award-winning movie starring Julia Roberts, but this is the story of the REAL Erin Brockovich.  Here in Boston to speak to a charity called Find The Cause,  Erin agreed to this exclusive interview with Candy O’Terry.  Once a single mom without a job, Erin Brockovich began working as a law clerk at a small law firm in Hinkley, California.  Although she had no legal experience, Erin knew something was very wrong when people and animals started getting very sick and dying.  It was discovered that Pacific Gas & Electric had been polluting the water supply with hexavalent chromium for decades.  Erin’s intuition and perseverance helped to win the victims in this case 333 million dollars in 1996, making it the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in the United States.  Erin has devoted her life to uncovering lies and deception as a fearless environmental activist.  Her passion to do what she does is rooted in her Kansas upbringing, the challenges of dyslexia and the life lessons she learned from her parents. Please leave a review of this podcast and never miss an episode by subscribing today.

The Brass Sisters -012

“If you want to be successful, you have to imagine who you want to be and picture it in your mind.”  These are words of wisdom from Marilynn and Sheila Brass, aka: The Brass Sisters.  As the stars of the PBS show The Food Flirts, these two sisters from Winthrop, MA. have collected thousands of recipes, some from their own family and others, written on notecards, found in old cookbooks at yard sales.  The cookbook authors believe that recipes tell stories about love, tradition and family and that when you prepare a meal for someone, you give them a gift beyond compare. Find out how Marilynn (76) and Sheila (80) are making foodie headlines with their famous Crazy Shake.  Reinvention is their middle name!  Marilyn and Sheila are living proof that “you have to have a dream” in order to achieve it.

Jessica Leip -011

In this very emotional episode of The Story Behind Her Success, a young mom from Framingham, MA. named Jessica Leip gives us an up close and personal look into what it is like to live with terminal breast cancer. Diagnosed at only 37, Jessica had no symptoms of the disease and no family history.  Terrified to leave her daughters without a mother, she endured powerful chemotherapy treatments that almost killed her twice.  Five years have passed and although this exceptional woman knows her days are measured, Jess is determined not to let cancer rule her life.  Her personal outlook and her message about what really matters will inspire you. Subscribe today for new weekly episodes and please tell us your thoughts with a rate and review in Apple Podcasts.


Anne Jolles -010

As an award-winning life coach, Anne Jolles has spent her career helping people find their way.  When she experienced personal hardship, she found herself searching for a new sense of hope and strength.  Alone in her kitchen, she had an idea and before she knew it, that idea blossomed into The Grace Trail, a one mile path around Nelson Park in Plymouth where walkers find sea stones at various locations, each with a message about grace and an invitation to answer 5 questions about gratitude, release, acceptance, challenge and embrace.

Now widely known as an author,  TEDx and public speaker, Anne is constantly inspired by the stories of the people who walk The Grace Trail, whether it be in Plymouth, in spots around the world, or virtually with the help of her guides.  In this episode of The Story Behind Her Success, she shares the lessons the Grace Trail offers to anyone who walks it. Learn more at Subscribe, download, rate and review this podcast today and never miss an episode.