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Ilana Pavlotsky -195

It’s our duty as humans to help humans. Beyond anything, we as people owe it to these innocent lives to help them in their time of need. – Ilana Pavlotsky

It’s been hard to watch the news lately. The war in Ukraine gets worse by the hour, with thousands dead, including innocent children. I’ve been looking for a woman to profile who knows first-hand what is happening on the ground in Ukraine, someone who will share what she knows, openly, and from the heart so that we as women, can come together to help in any way we can. And as if by magic, an email from a listener pointed me toward Ilana Pavlotsky. Born and raised in a suburb outside of Boston, she is a proud first generation Ukrainian American Jew. Her father is from Odessa and her mother is from a town outside of Kiev. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Ilana watched her parents weep with despair, knowing that it was her duty to do what she could to make a difference. Together with her brother Daniel and her sister-in-law Brianna, Ilana is the co-founder of Boston Aide For Ukraine. and the small but mighty non-profit raised 50,000 dollars in it’s first week on social media, sending 1,000 pounds of life saving supplies into Ukraine itself, plus Poland and Romania where thousands and thousands of Ukrainians are seeking safety. A registered nurse by profession, Ilana is putting her medical knowledge to work while never forgetting her heritage as a Ukrainian Jew and the grandchild of Holocaust survivors. For a dose of inspiration and faith in the power of the human spirit, hit that download button. #ukraine.

Lindy Robbins -194

Did I change somebody’s life or change somebody’s day or help somebody to survive cancer because of this song that was just a joy to write? That’s everything. -Lindy Robbins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write hit songs for a living? For this interview, I’m on the road, just outside of Los Angeles for an interview with multi-platinum selling and award-winning songwriter, Lindy Robbins. She started singing at three and later got her start as a singer in a vocal group, touring the country, selling out shows and even singing at Carnegie Hall. When Lindy realized that writing songs for the group was more satisfying than singing them, she shifted her focus to songwriting and has been a success story ever since. With mega hits for the Backstreet Boys, Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, and dozens more, Lindy is at the top of her game. Recorded in her backyard garden, this interview reveals not only what it takes to write a hit song, but how to achieve longevity in a business that few survive. As she begins writing her first musical, Lindy is in high gear to write the next great songs. For a glimpse into the career of a high energy, gifted hit songwriter, you know what to do: hit that download button!

Debby Sabin -193

I tell the parents of special needs children: your child can do more than you think. Unleash all of their possibilities and find people who also believe in what they can do. -Debby Sabin

It’s been 7 years since I’ve interviewed Debby Sabin. She is a licensed Occupational Therapist and the Founder of Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program. A not for profit therapeutic riding program serving disabled children from 3 years old to young adults, Lovelane is a place where children with disabilities find freedom, joy and renewed confidence while learning to ride horses. Founded in 1988 at a little stable in Weston, Massachusetts called Love Lane, Debby got her start with a skeleton staff, a couple of horses, and about 5 students per week. Today, Lovelane
is a state of the art riding facility in Lincoln, Massachusetts designed specifically for children with special needs. The program serves 130 students per week with 19 staff members, 197 volunteers and 12 horses. After 31 years as the Executive Director & Program Director of Lovelane, Debby now serves on the board of directors, but continues to teach the children who she says have taught her more about possibility, courage and life than we can ever imagine. Says Debby: “Make sure you are honest to your true north. Your passion, your purpose, what you love. Always count your blessings. “ For a look at the miracles that happen every day at Lovelane, check out their YouTube channel: Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding. #lovelane #occupationaltherapy #horses

Lady Fiona Carnarvon -192

We are tenants for a lifetime and this castle is a wonderful lesson for us, because we are just here for a short lifetime, far shorter than the cedar trees or the oak trees. We’re just trying not to muck it up! -Lady Fiona Carnarvon

This week’s story is steeped in history, including a certain castle named Highclere which you may have seen on the famous series, Downton Abbey. It is also a rare glimpse into the life of British royalty. Lady Fiona Carnarvon is the 8th Countess of Carnarvon and the accomplished author of many books including her latest: Seasons at Highclere. Originally built on this site 1200 years ago, the 5000 acre English estate includes ancient trees, an orangery, a working farm, horses and 7 dogs. Living here and preserving the history of the place is a passion and a calling for Lady Carnarvon and her husband, the Earl of Carnarvon who see themselves as stewards of the land. In this interview, she takes us through her early life, which was shaped for she and her sisters by the loss of their mother and father. Educated at St. Andrew’s University, Lady Fiona Carnarvon has a degree in accounting. She takes us through meeting her husband, becoming a Countess and a stepmother, the birth of her son, Edward, and her philosophy around how to handle obstacles in life. In this episode Lady Fiona Carnarvon also tells the story about how she discovered a secret, handwritten recipe for gin which would become the award-winning Highclere Castle Gin, made from botanicals grown on the estate and distilled in England’s oldest gin distillery. For a rare glimpse into the life of a British Countess, hit that download button as quick as you can. #downtonabbey #highclerecastle #highclerecastlegin