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Lindsey Leichthammer -261

It’s fun to be a part of the best day of someone’s life. -Lindsey Leichthammer

Meet event producer extraordinaire, Lindsey Leichthammer. She’s done everything from fluffing the bride’s dress to keeping the bridal party calm as Nana is being placed in an ambulance minutes before the wedding ceremony begins. She also knows what it’s like to be responsible for feeding hundreds of people in the middle of a field in Vermont, with no cell service. By the time you finish listening, you will know for sure that an event producer needs nerves of steel AND a sense of humor. Fortunately, Lindsey has both in spades. Born and raised in the seaside town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, Lindsey enjoyed the love and support of her parents, and the devotion of her older brother, Taylor. Ten years her senior, he instilled confidence in his little sister early on. At 16, Lindsey became a banquet server, offering up bacon-wrapped scallops and dirty martinis at a high-end steakhouse on the beach. In this interview, she recalls loving the excitement of a wedding reception and knew that her career would somehow involve the wedding industry. A graduate of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, Lindsey majored in Business and minored in Event Management and Marketing. From curating 12-person dinner parties for fussy VIPs to lavish farm-to-table weddings in fields to 3000+ festivals, this young woman has done it all! Now at the helm of her own company called Lindsey Leichthammer Events, she is passionate about delivering unique experiences for her clients. A true believer in tackling any of life’s obstacle head-on, Lindsey says: “The only way out is through. There’s nowhere else to go but on the other side.” For a quick-witted, yet fact-filled look into the wedding industry, just hit that download button. @lindslovesevents @candyoterry #weddings #Vermont #events

Judi Alperin King, Ph.D.-260

We don’t tell anybody what to do. Every Wiley Scholar is an expert on their own life.
-Judi Alperin King, Ph.D.

What happens when a high school student has the desire, the motivation, and the grades to go to college, but lacks the support and the resources to make their life-changing goal a reality?  Enter  With a BA from Hamilton College, a Masters degree from Boston College and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, Judi Alperin King is the Founder and Executive Director of the Massachusetts-based non-profit.  Her vast skillset includes work as a psychologist for 30 years where she focused on children facing serious emotional and behavioral problems. Judi climbed the ladder in her field, developing a keen understanding of what it means to create a sense of community for those in need.  This experience helped her shape the Wiley Network which re-trains clinicians as coaches, providing wrap-around support services that nurture Wiley Scholars from matriculation to graduation,  with weekly meetings, advice, guidance, and a listening ear.  In this interview, Judi explains that colleges are not set up to support the needs of students who don’t have “family privilege“.   Says Judi: ” Our scholars are on their own, living below the poverty level.  Of course, someone loves them, but that parent or guardian, for whatever reason, cannot help them make their college dream come true.”   At its core, the organization honors the scholar as the heart of the mission.  To date, 62 students have graduated from college and there are now 78 scholars on 15 different campuses in the Boston area.   Raised by parents who valued contributing to the greater good, Judi likes to ask the question:  “Who did you help today?”  Her advice to a teenage girl in foster care who wants to go to college but has no one to guide her?  In the words of Mr. Rogers:  “Look for the helpers” and reach out to the Wiley Network.  We’ll be there for you.” #college #education #thewileynetwork #thestorybehindhersuccess.  

Sandy Lish, Principal & Co-Founder of The Castle Group -259

I do love a good rush of adrenalin. I’m not gonna lie.  -Sandy Lish

For most of us, the word “crisis” is a negative,  but not for Sandy Lish. She loves a good crisis because she knows how to solve it.   Together with longtime colleague Wendy Spivak, Sandy co-founded The Castle Group 27 years ago.  Armed with a yin/yang skillset, the two started small, in a shared office space, with their desks facing each other and 3 initial clients:  the Nellie Mae Foundation, Bank of Boston (precursor to Bank of America), and The Street, an online financial services publication.  With steady growth year after year, the company is thriving with specialties in PR, events, marketing, public affairs, social/digital, and crisis management and was named a Forbes Best PR Agency.  Based in Boston with offices in Atlanta and Maui, Sandy and Wendy have built a company culture rooted in trust, authenticity, and a deep commitment to civic engagement. It’s no wonder then, that this PR Maven is the recipient of many awards, including the Boston Business Journal Power 50.  Born and raised in Brookline, MA,  Sandy’s family struggled to keep their home in the upscale enclave known as Chestnut Hill when her father declared bankruptcy. Determined to keep the family solvent, Sandy and her mother both worked three jobs.  In this interview, Sandy reveals her natural born competitive edge and her lifelong ability to be resilient during adversity.   At only 14 she found herself unsupervised and instead of doing her homework, she became an income earner, scooping ice cream, working in a supermarket, at a local pharmacy, and as a waitress. After failing to graduate with her high school class, she opted to get her GED instead.  A first-generation college graduate of UMASS Amherst, Sandy is the proud mother of two who firmly believes “it’s a good thing for a son and a daughter to watch their mother run a business.”   For a tutorial on chutspah, resourcefulness, overcoming obstacles, and thriving under pressure, just hit that download button. #thecastlegrp #PR #marketing 

Ann M. Doggett, DC -258

The more inflammation you have in your body, the quicker you will age and the lower your quality of life will be. -Ann Doggett, DC

This week’s guest is a trailblazer in the field of holistic healthcare. Meet Dr. Ann Doggett, founder of Whole Body Solutions in Braintree, Massachusetts When Ann founded her practice back in 1989, her focus was chiropractic care, but as the years went by, she came to understand the power of alternative medicine. The mission of her wellness practice is to heal the body from the inside out, using natural remedies including nutrition counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic services, brain integration for learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, concussion, and PTSD as well as body sculpting, treatments for long COVID, incontinence and sexual health. Her mantra? To help sick people get well, and healthy people stay healthy. The mother of two, Ann holds a doctorate of chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College and a master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport as well as certifications in nutrition response testing, practical herbal therapy, and bioenergetic medicine. The youngest of 8 children with 6 older brothers, Ann was raised in Dorchester, MA. The daughter of a Boston police officer, she credits her very strong mother as her role model as well as her older brothers who always protected her and had her best interests at heart. In this interview, Dr. Ann shares a wealth of knowledge including warnings about sugar intake and processed foods, plus her strong belief that inflammation is at the root of most illnesses. Says Ann: “Health is a mosaic, a reflection of our genetics coupled with stress factors. My goal is to address the entire individual. Emotional losses can also affect our energy. If you are out of balance in your life, your body will tell you. “ For a deep dive into whole body solutions for the new year, just hit that download button. #health #wellness #chiropractic #nutrition #longcovid #acupuncture #alternativemedicine #learningdisabilities #brainintegration