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Sue Tabb Part 2: award-winning broadcaster & 2-time breast cancer survivor -249

Once you have cancer, it becomes a part of your history, part of the fabric of your journey, part of your story. -Sue Tabb

Welcome back to the story of award-winning broadcaster, columnist, PR & marketing pro, wife, mother, and 2-time breast cancer survivor, Sue Tabb. Recorded on a sunny day in my living room just a few hours after Sue got off the air at Magic 106.7, this interview was so inspiring, we just had to make it available to you in two parts. Raised in Westfield, Massachusetts, Sue was the Valedictorian of her class in a largely Irish Catholic middle-class town. At Smith College, she quickly recognized that she was surrounded by girls who were smarter and more worldly than she was. Believing she had made a big mistake in choosing Smith, Sue called her mother and begged her to come and get her. It was this life-changing conversation with her mother that caused a shift in Sue’s perspective. Says Sue: “My mother said, I’m not coming. You are smart enough. You are good enough and you can do this. You are just gonna have to work a little harder than the other girls. But don’t ever say you’re not good enough.” 25 years into her radio career, Sue Tabb is a much-loved broadcaster who devotes her time to many non-profits including breast cancer charities, as well as the One Wish Project. Always ready for the next big challenge, Sue shares her bucket list of hopes and dreams in this interview, her deep love for her own daughters, and her sage advice about what success really means. #breastcancer #radio #broadcasting #smithcollege

Sue Tabb Part 1: award-winning broadcaster & 2-time breast cancer survivor -248

Breast cancer is a club nobody wants to be in, but it’s not a bad club. It’s an empowering club. And when you get through it, you realize you are much more resilient than you think you are.
-Sue Tabb

According to the American Cancer Society: 1 in every 8 women will hear the words: you have breast cancer. The woman you are about to meet has heard those words two times in her life. Sue Tabb’s daughters were just little girls when she was first diagnosed with the disease and then, 12 years later she learned the news that the cancer was back. In this interview, the 6-time Gracie Allen award-winning broadcaster shares her story, including the fact that she underwent a double mastectomy alone, at the height of the pandemic, when COVID restrictions forced her husband to drop her off in front of the hospital. Facing this life-changing moment alone set off a sea change in this strong, funny, kindhearted, and uber-talented woman which she shares graciously in this interview. The co-host of Morning Magic on Magic 106.7, Sue got back on the air just 3 weeks after her surgery, craving normalcy and sharing her breast cancer story with listeners. Says Sue “If I can get one person who has been putting off that mammogram to get one, then I’ve done something wonderful. “ A 25-year veteran of Boston radio, Sue got her start on the legendary Kiss 108 working with Marconi Award-winning radio personality Matt Siegel. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Smith College, she is a gifted journalist, former columnist, magazine editor, newspaper reporter and PR/Marketing pro. Recorded in my living room, this chat with a former colleague and forever friend comes to you in two parts. #breastcancer #radio #broadcasting.

Melissa Dupuis: Well-being Enthusiast & Breast Cancer Survivor -247

The doctor said: This is breast cancer. Buckle-up. – Melissa Dupuis

October is breast cancer awareness month and although great strides have been made, the statistics remain the same. According to the American Cancer Society: 1 in every 8 women will hear the words “you have breast cancer”. This month, we’re supporting a local charity called The Ellie Fund, which focuses on making the day-to-day lives of breast cancer patients a little bit easier. In the spotlight, Melissa Dupuis. A former professional ballet dancer with a degree in dance, Melissa is a well-being enthusiast whose long list of credentials includes a master’s degree in Public Health. She’s a certified pilates instructor, health education specialist, health coach, personal trainer, and barre instructor on a mission to spread the importance of health in mind, body, and soul. You can imagine her surprise when what Melissa thought was a clogged milk duct turned out to be breast cancer. In this interview, Melissa shares her breast cancer journey as a new, young mom in a powerful way, describing her positive mindset during treatment: “Of course, I was a mess when I first got diagnosed, but then I said to myself, I’m gonna beat this. I put my boxing gloves on and said: Let’s do this.” And like so many women who weather the storm of this disease, Melissa emerged a changed a woman: “Everything around me seems brighter. I pay attention. I am more present. I appreciate the little things because the little things ARE the big things.” Her advice to a woman who is newly diagnosed with breast cancer? “Take a deep breath. Know that this is temporary. You are a fighter and when you come out of this, it will change you for the better. Feel your feelings. Get angry. Be sad. But most of all, love yourself. Your body and your mind are a fortress. “ #breastcancer #elliefund @PLABosto.