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Sandy Goroff: Publicist & Fine Arts Photographer -205

If they didn’t let me in the front door, I was going to climb up the cellar stairs. -Sandra Goroff

Sandy Goroff has spent 40 years shouting about her clients from the rooftops. In this interview, we turn the tables to talk about her incredible career as a publicist and photographer and the result is a tutorial on how to do it right. Sandy specializes in authors and their books, art, lifestyles, design and architecture, movies and museums. With plenty of chutzpah and little experience, she landed her first job as a publicist telling the story of Boston’s sidewalk artist known as “Sidewalk Sam”. Says Sandy: “The fact that I had no experience in the beginning of my career made me work and try that much harder.” Her next stop was the big time at Houghton Mifflin where she worked with A-listers like President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalyn Carter, world-renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall, Hollywood celebrities and children’s book authors Maurice Sendak and Margret Rey of Curious George fame. Born with an eye and an ear for a great story, Sandy worked with unknowns whose stories were so compelling, she took them on against all odds, selling millions of books along the way. A true believer in the power of relationships, Sandy created connections with every major network show and producer so that her clients got the best exposure. Her favorite connection was formed in 1986 when she worked on a book by Steven Callahan called Adrift: 76 Days Lost At Sea. Today, the book is about to be launched as a documentary, with Sandy credited as Unit Publicist and Associate Producer of the movie. On a mission to bring the stories of others into the spotlight, in this interview, we learn that Sandra Goroff has a powerful story of her own to tell. #storybehindhersuccess #pubicity #PR

Elin Schran -204

I don’t really believe in obstacles. If there’s a wall, you get on top of it and start dancing -Elin Schran

Meet Elin Schran, Founder of Joy Skate Productions: She’s passionate about making ice skating accessible to all and spends her days bringing specially designed camps and clinics to rinks that accommodate skaters of every age and every ability, including adaptive/therapeutic skating clinics. For this exceptional woman, ice skating= joy. You see,
Elin is the daughter of Olympic Figure Skating Champion Tenley Albright who was the five-time National Champion, two-time World Champion, Silver Medalist at the 1952 Olympics in Oslo, Norway and the Gold Medalist at the Olympics in Cortina, Italy in 1956. In this interview, we hear Tenley’s inspiring story through her daughter’s loving eyes and learn that Elin was never pressured into figure skating. It’s just a sport she couldn’t resist. She loves the twirling, the precision, the feeling of freedom and act of flying through the air and it is this joy that she hopes to bring to others through Joy Skate Productions. Now a mother herself, Elin shares her experiences on the ice as a member of Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, as the Founder of Boston Ice Theatre and co-founder of Frozen Frog Productions. She believes in manifesting your dreams and goals, which is something her mother taught her when she was growing up: “Put it out into the ether. Let it be, visualize it, and it’s going to happen.” In this episode, we come to know Elin as a woman who has spent her life on the ice, while shining her own light, crafting her own unique skating story. For 23 minutes of joy and inspiration on ice, just hit that download button! #joyskateproductions #storybehindhersuccess #figureskating

Diane Pickles -203

When you have a child with a heart defect, you live with fear every day. And yet, you have to live your life and you have to lean into hope. -Diane Pickles

Diane Pickles admits that a little voice inside her head thought something might be wrong with the unborn child she was carrying. The year was 1994 and she and her husband William had a healthy three year old son at home when an ultrasound revealed that their baby had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, meaning that he had half a heart. Doctors suggested a late term abortion, but that was not an option for the couple. Instead: they picked option 2: a series of experimental surgeries which up until then, had shown little success. Today, their son Jake is 27, making him one of the oldest patients with this heart defect in the world. Diane has made it her life’s mission to assist and educate heart families and to forward research that maps genomes which cause congenital heart defects. The Program Director of Project Singular at Additional Ventures, she has also worked tirelessly for the American Heart Association, was appointed to the board of the Directors of the American Board of Pediatrics, and was a key player in successfully passing legislation to end smoking in restaurants. In this interview, Diane opens her heart to talk about what it’s like to lovingly raise a child with only half a heart. Born and raised in faith, Diane follows her father’s 10 Guidelines for Life which he wrote on his 70th birthday. Her favorite is #10: Share your gifts, be heard, give back. Says Diane: I have always believed that if I can make this path easier for someone else, I’m gonna do it. For 23 minutes of inspiration, just hit that download button. #heartdefects #specialneedschildren #humangenomes

Christine Buckley -202

I look at everyone on my team as a colleague. We’re all women, we’re all tough and we care. -Christine Buckley

If you’ve ever had a really bad headache, the worst kind of headache that keeps you up at night and just won’t quit, keep listening because this episode just might save your life. All too often, severe headaches for women between the ages of 35-60 are all too often explained away as stress or misdiagnosed as migraines when they could be a sign of a brain aneurysm. Meet Christine Buckley, Executive Director of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation: Originally a volunteer for the organization, Christine has been running the charity for 16 years with humility, purpose and passion. In this interview, she shares the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s “Scan to Save” Campaign including the 5 warning signs of a brain aneurysm: severe localized headache, nausea/vomiting, stiff neck, drooping eyelid, sensitivity to light and confusion. For a tutorial on how to recognize and act quickly on these symptoms, along with the inspiring career of an exceptional woman who is devoted to the health and service of others, just hit that download button. #brainaneurysmfoundation #womeninhealthcare #storybehindhersuccess