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Tamara Chang, MD -187

There absolutely still exists the “maternal wall bias” in the medical culture. It’s implicit, not overt, but it happens, every single day. -Tamara Chang, MD.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, female doctors are 40% more likely to leave medicine completely or go to part-time practice within 6 years of completing their residencies. In this episode, we’re zooming with Pediatric Hematology & Oncology physician Tamara Chang who explains why this is happening and what she is doing about it. The
co-founder of and co-author of How to Thrive As a Woman Physician, Tammie attended Brown University for her undergraduate and medical degrees. Now practicing in Tacoma, Washington, she is a tireless advocate for the needs of female physicians who often stretch themselves very thin as they try to juggle their responsibilities to their families, along with the needs of their patients. A first generation American, Tammie’s parents came to the United States from Taiwan, filling her up with the importance of education. As the daughter of an opera singer and a physician, Tammie admits she can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been driven to achieve. Her advice to young docs, including the importance of putting your oxygen mask on first before caring for others, combined with stories of her early life as a concert pianist make this an episode worthy of your download!

Emma Anderson -186

The first time I went up in the air, people said: “when you come down, you’re going to get bitten by this bug” and I completely understood. It’s such an incredible feeling seeing the world from a different perspective, so I knew I had to pursue this. -Emma Anderson

She’s 20 years old now, but five years ago, Emma Anderson shared her passion for aviation and for learning how to fly an airplane someday with her mother, Tina. Instead of discouraging her daughter, Tina helped her fulfill this dream. In this episode, Emma tells the story about her first time “up in the air” at 15 and the fear/joy of getting her pilot’s license, along with her first solo flight. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase their town’s local flight center this mother and daughter joined forces and are now co-owners of the Beverly Flight Center in Beverly, MA. This is a story about the connection between a mother and her daughter, and it is proof that the best thing we can do for our children is to support their dreams, and in this case, give them wings to fly. Says mom Tina, “we’re trying to get more women in aviation. Right now, only 4% of all pilots are female and we’re trying to grow that number. “ Amen, sisters. Hit that download button for some mother/daughter magic.

Jenn Uche -185

Doing something that you look forward to, that beautiful thing that you wake up and dream about. That is what I call success. -Jenn Uche

Welcome to the inspiring story of Jenn Uche, a 17 year old high school senior who has been chosen as a 2021 Global Rise Winner. This 1 billion dollar philanthropic venture was created and funded by Google co-founder, Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy and is a collaboration between Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust. To find out more, just go to: Talented young people from around the world, between the ages of 15-17 are chosen through a series of essays, submissions and virtual interviews. What is unique about this scholarship is that it is for life and is valued at about $500,000 per student winner. An investment is made early on in the intelligence of these kids to become innovators, leaders, points of light for the next generation. 50,000 teens from 170 countries competed for this award, each one addressing how they would work to solve a particular problem. Jenn was 1 of 100 brilliant students to receive this honor. A student at the Montrose School in Medfield, MA where the mantra is: “where girls are called to greatness”, Jenn she is no stranger to struggle and adversity. She remains hopeful and determined “coming out the other side, like a diamond” and describing herself as a story lover, smile connoisseur, a writer and a visionary. I couldn’t wait to bring my recording equipment to Jenn’s school to capture the story of a 17 year old woman who is wise beyond her years and destined for greatness. #risefortheworld #empoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen

Colleen Ferry -184

During Covid, I just knew that this is an industry that is never going to die. People are always going to want to get married. I knew we were going to have to adapt, but a bride will always want a beautiful dress on her wedding day. -Colleen Ferry

For this interview, we’re taking a road trip to a little town near the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border called Chelmsford for a conversation with Colleen Ferry, a young woman who is the queen of the pivot. A gifted singer, she spent her teen years and early adulthood as part of a hugely successful girl group called “Angels Among Us” and has performed nationwide on iconic stages, including Madison Square Garden. When overuse of her voice caused thickening of the vocal chords, Colleen had to reimagine next chapter and at the suggestion her grandfather, applied for a job at a local bridal store. 17 years later, Colleen is the owner of Chantilly Place where she makes sure every one of her brides feels like the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. If you are kicking off 2022 by imaging what your next big chapter might be, this episode will light your fire, and inspire you to make it happen. #entrepreneur #passion #NewYearsResolutions