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Christina Knight: Nurse Practitioner, -222

If I’m passionate about doing something, I’m not gonna let anybody roadblock me.
-Christina Knight

In the spotlight, a woman who doesn’t understand the word “no” and probably never will. Meet Christina Knight, Nurse Practitioner and co-founder of Dynamic Evolutions in Health & Beauty at Together with business partner Dr. Edgar Ballenas, Christina is introducing patients to personalized medicine and the benefits of eastern and western wellness practices with outstanding results. The daughter of hard-working Greek immigrants, Christina and her siblings came to this country seeking The American Dream. Her father established a little Greek restaurant in Wellesley, just outside of Boston where everything was homemade and his children learned the value of a hard day’s work. In this interview, Christina recalls knowing she would end up in medicine because she wanted to help and heal others. The single mother of three small children, she worked full time while pursuing her undergraduate, nursing, and nurse practitioner degrees. A big believer in alternative medicine, Christina keeps an open mind about new innovations in healthcare from around the world, striving to help her patients understand what their bodies need in order to thrive. “If our body is not in balance and our immune system is low and weak, we will get sick.“ At the height of the pandemic, Christina and Dr. Ballinas entered the homes of seriously ill COVID patients offering lifesaving medical care. Many of their patients are children with ADHD and Christina finds herself explaining to frustrated parents that there is a direct link between gut health and brain health and that medication for ADHD may not be the best answer. For a tutorial on innovative ways to stay healthy and strong from a woman who is the definition of determination, just hit that download button. #wellness #ADHD #personalizedmedicine #alternativemedicine #easternmedicine

Daniela Corte: Women’s Clothing Designer -221

Fashion never ends.  Fashion never sleeps.  -Daniela Corte

Fueled by a passion for fashion and a love of espresso, Argentinian-born women’s clothing designer Daniela Corte wakes up at the crack of dawn ready to create her signature pieces. Voted Best Women’s Clothing Designer by Boston Magazine in 2021, Daniela has been
making women feel elegant and beautiful in her clothes since 2000.  In this interview, she shares stories of her elegant mother who was always put together, and her father who was a clothier in Argentina.  He taught her the importance of treating employees like family and with a deep respect for hard work.  Daniela’s inspiration comes from beautiful textiles. She remembers fondly how a delivery of a bolt of fabric to her father’s shop was her greatest joy.  Known for creating clothes “made to measure”, Daniela is the queen of the perfect fit.   She believes that there are 5-10 must-haves in a woman’s closet. “The perfect blazer, the perfect little black dress, the perfect fitting jeans and black pants, and some silk tops and then, you’re golden!”   A big believer in making a strong first impression, Daniela says:
“Style is confidence. Style is power. Style is courage. Style is strength.”  For a look inside the creative mind of a fashionista who never sleeps, just hit that download button. #fashion  #womensfashion

Chelo Lundquist-Krag: Aquatics Director & Child Abuse Survivor -220

I used to think that success meant a degree, living on your own, having a car, and your bills paid. My heart feels successful when I am teaching lifeguards how to save a human, when I’m teaching kids how to swim, or when I’m having dinner with the love of my life. That’s success to me.
-Chelo Lundquist-Krag

Chelo Lundquist-Kragg is an Aquatics Director, an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, and a Lifeguard Trainer. We got to talking about our mutual love of swimming one day at the Longfellow Club in Natick, Massachusetts where she runs the swimming program. As a lifeguard trainer, Chelo turns teenagers into lifesavers with her unique “tree of lifeguarding” curriculum. When I mentioned that I host this podcast and radio series featuring women’s stories, she said: “I’ve got a story about my childhood, but I don’t really talk about it much.” That statement got my attention and just the other day, we sat down to record this very personal, very painful story which thankfully, has a happy ending. Born and raised in Lake County, California, Chelo’s birth mother was a drug dealer who gave birth to her brother in prison. Her father was a raging alcoholic and a child abuser. In this interview, Chelo recalls the first 6 years of her life in flashes, sharing the fact that her father beat her brother and sexually abused her repeatedly. It was a babysitter who stepped forward to report this abuse and both children were removed from the home by ambulance. Chelo and her brother ended up being adopted by a wonderful couple whose unconditional love healed their broken hearts. For a firsthand look inside the mind of a girl who rose like a phoenix to become a strong, kind, and capable young woman who is “right where she wants to be” just hit that download button. #adoption #americanredcross #childabuse #sexualabuse

Dianna Huff: Keep it made -219

My jaw dropped when I learned what was happening to the manufacturing industry. I didn’t realize that everything had been off-shored. So in 2015, I made the commitment to buy only products made in the USA. -Dianna Huff

Born and raised in California, Dianna Huff had the kind of childhood that remains difficult to talk about to this day. She was fortunate to have an English teacher who told her she could write and a guidance counselor who insisted she apply to college. Fortunately, Dianna was admitted to a California state college under the EOP: Educational Opportunity Program based on her financial need. Now the President of Huff Industries, www.huffindustrialmarketing she is blazing a trail for women in the manufacturing industry and her focus is helping businesses that make their products in the United States The pandemic launched a worldwide shipping crisis making Americans acutely aware that much of what we use every day is not made here. In fact, only 3% of clothing is made in the USA and what Dianna calls the “paying field” is not level. Manufacturers in the USA have a very hard time competing with products coming in from other countries for pennies on the dollar. Filled with inspiring stories of her life, this interview includes stories from Dianna about how her local library card and books saved her, giving her a window into a whole new world where she could imagine accomplishing great things. Says Dianna “Never, ever doubt yourself. If you can survive a terrible childhood or any kind of adversity, you can survive anything.” For more wisdom you can use, just hit that download button. #keepitmadeUSA #madeintheUSA #manufacturing #entreprenuer #womeninbusiness