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Samantha LaDuc: Founder of LaDuc Trading, -239

Yes, it was like entering a man cave when I first got started, but now, I am a voice for women in finance and trading and I am empowered to bring women along with me.  -Samantha LaDuc

Samantha LaDuc describes herself as a macro-to-micro analyst, educator, and trader of stocks, options, futures, crypto, commodities, currencies, and bonds.  Born and raised on a farm in upstate New York by a single mom, this chapter in Sam’s career could not be further from her humble roots.  The divorced mother of three grown children, Sam’s clients come to her for her expertise as a market timer, crowning her the Mother of Market Timing.  Says Sam:
“I have one job and that is to time the markets.  To identify when the market is going to move and in which direction it will go, and to seize those gains.”   She’s so good at what she does that media outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and Sirius XM have all called upon her as a contributor.   Often the only woman featured in these discussions, Sam loves every single minute of it.  “Restriction is not my jam.  I don’t care if there are “DoubtingThomases out there.  I am curious and I am determined.  This is my passion and my purpose.”  Her advice in life and in finance?   Don’t risk more than you are willing to lose.”  For a 20-minute dive into the life of a woman who is not afraid to make tough calls and blaze new paths, just hit that download button. #wallstreet #macro #micro #trader #stocks#options #futures #crypto #commodities #currencies #bonds #tradingroom

Andrea Hall: Executive Director, Grateful -238

Don’t tapdance too loudly.  Under promise and over-deliver. That’s my advice.  -Andrea Hall

Andrea Hall is living proof that our lives really do unfold like chapters in a book.  Her latest chapter finds her at the helm of a non-profit called Grateful Friends where the mission is to provide financial support to adults undergoing cancer treatment.  But just how did she get here?  Andi was raised by a single mom in a great big Greek family in Brookline, MA. Armed with a degree in Communications from Boston University, she landed in radio sales at the iconic WXKS AM where she shared office space with legendary broadcasters Arnie Woo Woo Ginsburg and Sunny Joe White.  Always curious about where her father was, Andi discovered him in her 30s and experienced the joy of not only meeting him but learning that he was a well-known music executive. Her natural ability to work with artists led her to a career at Universal Music Group where she promoted superstars like Smokey Robinson, Aerosmith, Mary J Blige, Guns N’ Roses, and more. As a single mom, she felt a deep need to be a hands-on mom to her son Ty, so she founded New Leaf Marketing, working from home to create a thriving business as an entrepreneur for over 20 years.  In this interview, Andrea shares her deep understanding that everything she has done in her life has led her to where she is today.  She taps into her well-honed skills and talents, along with a belief that relationships are everything.  Her mantra? “Sunnyside up. Never complain.  Be resilient and keep on pluggin’!”  #cancer #resilience #gratitude

Candice Hartford: NICU Nurse & Founder of -237

As an autistic parent, there is intense isolation and no matter how supportive your friends with typical children want to be, you need to have someone who understands your life.
-Candice Hartford

Candice Hartford is a NICU nurse with a heart of gold. She’s spent her career caring for critically ill newborns and their families, first in her native California and now in Boston at Mass General
Brigham Hospital. She’s also the mother of twin boys who were born prematurely and later diagnosed with autism.  It is this life-changing experience that led Candice to found Raising Harts,, a 501c3 charity that is creating community, connection, education, and support for families with autistic and neuro-diverse children and their siblings.  Says Candice:
“While there were support groups in a clinical setting for families with autistic children, I really wanted someone to come over with their coffee (or a bowl of wine) and cry with me today.”  Her sons Grady and Keaton are now 7 and the community their mother has created has nurtured them and hundreds of autistic and neurodiverse children and families.  In this interview, Candice shares her non-traditional upbringing outside of Pasadena as well as her lifelong mantra:“Anything that scared me, I felt like I had to do. I learned early on to be strong and resilient.”   #autism #neurodiversity#NICU

Erin DiCarlo: President & Founder of Dovetail Companies -236

I’ve spent my adulthood working with the Greatest Generation.  My average client is 89 years old and they’ve taught me that even if you live 100 years, it is the blink of an eye.   -Erin DiCarlo

Erin DiCarlo‘s career path has been inspired not only by her lifelong devotion to her grandparents Nanny and Da, but by the joy she gets from working with the elderly. A wife and mother of four, Erin is the Founder & President of Dovetail Companies which she created to address the vast needs of families dealing with dementia and the overwhelming landscape of elder care. Nominated as a guest on the show by one of her employees, Erin’s long-term goal is to “change the way we view and support aging in America.”  In this interview, she explains that the final stage of aging is called “Legacy Leaving”.  Our elders need to be able to share their stories so that their experiences and accomplishments are not forgotten.   The women’s liberation movement brought women out of the home and into the workforce, and while this societal shift opened doors for women, it closed doors for their parents who were no longer able to be cared for at home and ended up in nursing homes instead.  For an insightful look into ageism and a quick tutorial on how we can understand the deepest needs of our aging loved ones, just hit that download button.  #ageism #dementia #eldercare