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Christina Gordon: Co-Founder & CEO of WFBoston -241

There is a massive under-investment in non-profits serving women and girls in this country.
-Christina Gordon

Meet Christina Gordon, Co-Founder & CEO of WFBoston. She holds an undergraduate degree from Boston University and four master’s degrees: two from the prestigious Sloan School of Management at MIT and two more from Brandeis University. Raised by a single mom not far from New York City, Christina is the daughter and grandchild of educators who was taught early in life that education is the foundation upon which future success grows. She believes (and research shows) that a woman’s education and financial health are the keys to her success and the success of her family. Now the mother of four grown children, Christina is a champion for women and girls through WFBoston. In this interview, she shares her own rise in the financial world, beginning with a very lucky chance to intern at Standard & Poors when she was only 20 years old, and a wise decision to begin her career at Fidelity Investments. As a young mother, she found herself drawn to share her business acumen and interest in women and financial independence only to discover that most non-profits had “ tons of passion but weren’t able to get the impact they wanted because they weren’t managing their organization like a business.“ Together with three other exceptional women, she began searching for a non-profit focused on educating underserved women and girls in finance. To their surprise, the team discovered that there were no organizations with this focus, particularly in Massachusetts. Says Christina: “We didn’t do this because we thought it would be fun or exciting or that we could make a difference. We founded WFBoston because we were filling a gap.” A marathon runner, hiker, and skier in her downtime, Christina says she is a problem solver by nature. Loaded with advice and guidance for the next generation of women, she applauds the fact that glass ceilings have been shattered, but there is more work to be done. Filled with wisdom and a willingness to share it, Christina says: Surround yourself with optimists. True success is being really good
at something that you really love…and also having an impact. That’s the trifecta.”
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Stacy A. Padula: author & founder of -240

I have always wanted to do something that has a lasting impact on the youth of this nation. Today I am doing what I am meant to do, using my gifts and talents.
-Stacy A. Padula

Young Adult and children’s book author Stacy A. Padula has written 13 books and every one of them has risen to #1 either as a New Release or Best Seller on Amazon since 2010. One of the most fascinating parts of this story is that even though Stacy started planting the seeds of her series Montgomery Lake High in middle school, she also had her sights set on being an architect and an interior designer. In fact, she was a Presidential Scholar at the world-renowned Wentworth Institute of Technology. Armed with a degree and a job in her chosen field, Stacy
worked for 2 years at an architecture firm but found herself restless and unfulfilled. Deep down inside, a little voice kept calling her toward something else…a lifelong love of writing and working with youth. In this interview, Stacy shares her devotion to her Christian faith as the conduit for all of her life choices, explaining that the best advice she ever received was to read the Bible and she has done that, cover to cover. Says Stacy: “Learning how to see God at work in my life strengthened my faith, gave me courage, and guided my path. I would not be where I am today if it were not for my personal relationship with God.” Today, this exceptional woman is an award-winning author, educator, and founder of a publishing company named after her beloved
dachshunds, Briley & Baxter Her acclaimed young adult book series Montgomery Lake High and Gripped focus on realistic stories about high school and college including substance abuse, peer pressure and bullying. Stacy’s characters explore getting past the hard times with faith and redemption. She has partnered with NBA basketball coach Brett Gunning on an empowering children’s book series called On The Right Path and her acclaimed Gripped series is being adapted for TV by an Emmy award-winning producer. For 24 minutes of sheer inspiration, just hit that download button. #stacypadula #grippedseries #montgomerylakehigh #brileyandbaxterpublications