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Nancy Parshley -172

Success means doing something every day with purpose, that you love. The money is good, but that is such a small piece of it. If you love what you do, and you do it with purpose and you give it everything you have, that’s success. -Nancy Parshley

In this inspiring interview, we meet another woman who was nominated by a friend to be featured on the show. Nancy Parshley is the co-founder of Infinite Media. She and her husband have been running the very successful marketing and advertising company for 27 years. She’s a go-getter and she’s really good at what she does. But when her own hairline started to recede, she became self-conscious about it. Wigs came into her life and started taking up a lot of space in her head. Women started asking her about her very cool hairstyles and she soon became known as the Wig Whisperer. Today, she is the owner of Mane Attraction Wigs in the little town of Peabody, Massachusetts where she works one-on-one with women who have hair loss from alopecia, genetic dispositions like thinning hair and female pattern baldness, and as a result of chemotherapy. What she treasures most is the bond she forms with every person who comes into her store and the gratifying moments when she sees her customer’s self-esteem transformed when they try on the perfect wig. In this interview, Nancy shares her devotion to the LGBTQ community, explaining that her door is open wide to people in transition. Building her business during the pandemic has been difficult, but like so many entrepreneurs, Nancy has figured out a way to succeed in her mission to help her customers see themselves in a whole new way.

Lainey Dionne -171

I hope to be successful in music and that doesn’t necessarily mean becoming famous. I just want to be able to be happy in what I’m doing, to make a living and to touch other people’s souls.
-Lainey Dionne

Talent is all around us, but only the very few achieve stardom. Meet singer/songwriter Lainey Dionne of Rhode Island. She’s a proud Berklee College grad with an interesting story about how she graduated from one of the most prestigious music schools in the world…in record time. To meet her is to be in the company of someone who lights up the room. But make no mistake about, her journey has not been sunshine and roses. She has known illness and adversity, too. What sets Lainey apart is her positive mindset. No matter what happens, she is driven to achieve. Lainey is the 2020 recipient of the Unsigned Only Competition in the Adult Contemporary category and has won 2nd place twice in the New England Songwriting competition. She has been nominated for Best Solo/Acoustic Act, Best Americana Act and Best College Act at the Worcester Music Awards and Best Breakthrough Act at the famous Rhode Island Motif Awards and has been a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Her latest album was recorded in Nashville and is called Self Titled. If you have a dream, Lainey’s story will ignite your passion to make it happen.

Betsey Sethares -170

The world is not soft and you will fail. You need to have the internal resources to pick yourself up and move on. -Betsey Sethares

The email from Betsey’s daughter, Lily said: “I’ve been feeling immensely grateful for the wonderful women who impact my life, especially during the pandemic and one of those people is my mom, Betsey Sethares.” With an endorsement like that, I knew that Betsey would be an inspiration to anyone listening to The Story Behind Her Success. The Executive Director of the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund for over twenty years, Betsey oversees the non-profit’s long standing mission to provide urgent financial assistance for basic human needs to residents of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Because these communities rely on seasonal employment, many residents experience financial insecurity. Beyond the noble work Betsey does for her community, she is also a mother and a breast cancer survivor in a family where many women have died of the disease. In this interview, Betsey shares her wisdom about love, the importance of listening, and the idea that obstacles just might be opportunities. For a dose of inspiration from a humble woman who would never ask for applause, hit that download button.

“Molly” the Army Wife -169

This is truly a matter of life or death. -”Molly” Anonymous Army Wife

No matter what your politics are, there is a gigantic humanitarian crisis going on right now in Afghanistan. When the last plane left Kabul on August 31, 2021, thousands of people including Americans and Afghan interpreters and their families were left behind. Many news outlets are ignoring this story, but the truth is that acts of violence are being perpetrated by the Taliban as you are reading these show notes. Enter, “Molly”… that’s not her real name. She is an Army wife who needs to remain anonymous. Molly is working together with other military spouses to create an underground, long-distance life line for our allies in Afghanistan. The Taliban will show no mercy toward Afghans who served as interpreters during the 20 year war, and service members who worked alongside these men are determined to honor their code of honor to leave no one behind. In this interview, Molly describes what she has experienced trying to save lives behind enemy lines, including stories about what is happening to women and girls under Taliban rule. and #AfghanEvac

Hildy Grossman -168

I hate the word “no”. I hate the words “you can’t do it” and I hate “its been done before.”
-Hildy Grossman

When she was just a little girl growing up in Cincinnati, Hildy Grossman knew that singing on a stage would be part of her life. Her father was the owner of a famous night club called The Beverly Hills Country Club and among the many A-list performers who appeared there, Lena Horne was her favorite. Years later, the jazz singer with an impressive repertoire would become one of the founding members of the Follen Angels, singing timeless jazz tunes, songs from the American songbook, and even Cabaret songs in German, French and Russian. The mother of two and a clinical psychologist by day, Hildy developed her talents as a director and producer with the creation of the Devotion Follies for 10 years. When a surprise lung cancer diagnosis shook her to her core, she harnessed more of her boundless energy to create a non-profit called Upstage Lung Cancer which has raised over 3 million dollars earmarked for cutting edge, early detection and research. In this inspiring interview, you will meet a woman who has spent her life developing her talents, and using them every day. For this passionate singer, producer, director, playwright, novelist, podcaster, fundraiser and clinical psychologist, the sky is the limit. #upstagelungcancer