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Nancy Newman -191

Hippies sat around on the oval all day, throwing frisbees and sniffing flowers. Radicals put their asses on the line. -Nancy Newman

In this episode, we meet a woman who entered Ohio State in 1967 with a goal of becoming a sorority sister and within one year, became a radical, fiercely protesting the Vietnam War and supporting the Black Panthers. Nancy Newman was a senior, majoring in journalism when college campuses erupted on May 4, 1970 following the Kent State Massacre which left 4 students dead and many injured. Soon after, she was hit in the head with a brick during a demonstration that got out of control. A picture of her being carried out of the angry crowd was all over the news, including the famous CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. In this interview, Nancy tells us what happened next and in her candid story, we hear the words of a woman who felt things so deeply, she put her life and her freedom on the line. Her life’s path led her toward a 40 year career in social work, where she specialized in family therapy and then taught at the college level in Canada. Now retired and living in California, Nancy has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and is writing her memoir. If you lived through it, or if you’ve ever wondered what college life was like in the late 60’s and early 1970’s when bell bottom jeans, love beads, peace signs, psychedelic drugs, and the Vietnam War defined an entire generation, just hit that download button because this episode is for you. #OhioState #KentStateMassacre #VietnamWar

Emily Spencer -190

I may have created this, but I wouldn’t be here 10 years later if it wasn’t for the support of hundreds of thousands of families from around the country who sit down with their kids and take a few minutes to explain gratitude and giving something to someone you will never meet.  -Emily Spencer

This week’s story takes us to Florida where we meet Emily Spencer, the Founder & President of Heartillery Group,, a non-profit with a simple mission: to spread love and gratitude for those who serve through cards, letters and gift boxes. A graduate of Manhattan College with a master degree from Harvard in Operation Management, Emily has spent her career as an advocate for soldiers, veterans, and their families. The proud wife of a former United States Army captain who served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Kuwait, she knows only too well the toll a deployment takes not just on troops but on their families. And then, there are our veterans who we must never forget…and to whom we owe so much. For over 10 years, Emily has been growing her non-profit by creating community based strategic partnerships in order to enhance fundraising efforts and to build robust services for our nation’s troops, veterans, and families. In this interview, Emily shares how far Heartillery Group has come and what this noble work means to her. #military #veterans #heartillerygroup #valentinesforveterans

Marcie Mills -189

I don’t know anything else except loving what I do. -Marcie Mills

For this interview, we’re in Palm Springs, California, at the Ocotillo Lodge. Built by Gene Autry, “the singing cowboy” in 1948, this legendary location was once a playground for movie stars like Lucille Ball, Doris Day, and Marilyn Monroe. And it’s here that we are talking to Marcie Mills, a radio sales pro from Boston who took her career to a whole new level when she made the move to Los Angeles 20 years ago to run radio sales departments for CBS and Clear Channel. When we met back in 1993, Marcie was the Director of National Sales for Greater Media’s Magic 106.7/WMJX and there was just something about her. She had a contagious energy then and she still does now. A senior sales executive for Pandora since 2009, Marcie has taken her love for terrestrial radio into the digital space where she sees endless opportunities, not just for advertisers, and listeners, but for those who create the music. Born and raised in a blue collar family with 6 children and 1 bathroom, this exceptional woman shares the values her parents taught her, including a tireless work ethic rooted in a love for what you do, a responsibility to vote, and a moral compass that has pointed her toward the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles.

Pam Lewis: Nashville Publicist & Entrepreneur -188

If you want to be successful, start by making your bed and getting up in the morning. Keep showing up. If you just keep showing up, good things will happen. -Pam Lewis

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a publicist to the stars? This week, I’m taking you to Music Row in Nashville to meet Pam Lewis, one of the PR queens of country music. Born and raised in upstate New York, she attended Wells College and studied abroad to attend a program associated with The Sorbonne University. One of her very first jobs out of college took her to New York City where she was part of the original publicity and marketing team for MTV and sister channels Nickelodeon, the Movie Channel and A&E. In this interview, you’ll hear about her decision to accept a job that meant moving to Nashville, where she knew nothing about country music. She would transition to RCA records where she helped to shape the careers of stars like Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, The Judds & Alabama. Her partnership with Bob Doyle in 1987 formed Doyle/Lewis Management and their first client was an unknown artist from Oklahoma named Garth Brooks. In addition to her work with Garth, Pam helped Trisha Yearwood land her first record deal. The dissolution of her business relationship with Garth Brooks is well documented, and so is her determination and tenacity to get back on her feet through PLAMedia, Pam’s thriving PR and marketing agency. For a birds-eye view into the life of a trailblazing female powerhouse, just hit that download button. #PR #countrymusic #trailblazers #entrepreneurs