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Jacy Dawn Valeras -067

This episode is for the dreamers and the doers.  And most of all, it is a life lesson, because sometimes dreams come true in ways we never could have imagined.  Meet Jacy Dawn Valeras, singer/songwriter and CEO & Founder of Platinum Circle Media in Nashville, Tennessee.  Raised in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Jacy started making money by singing at funerals when she was 13 and by the time she hit high school, she was performing all over New England.  In 2009, Jacy and her boyfriend packed up their car and moved to Nashville where she created a career in a niche she never expected or even dreamed of.  “Make good out of obstacles, says Jacy, they just might take you someplace better.”  @jacydawnvaleras  @bostonwomeninmediaandentertainment   #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons    #mydoveproductions 

Roberta Sydney -066

Meet a woman who’s outstanding career has had three chapters:  one in finance/banking, one in real estate development and one as an independent director, executive and business builder.   In this candid interview, Roberta Sydney shares her belief that relationships in business and in our personal lives are everything.  Now the CEO of Sydney Associates, Roberta’s rise to the top has often included being the only woman in the room and at the negotiating table.  She is guided by a tireless work ethic and a true passion for bringing out the best in every person she works with.  A graduate of Wellesley College, Harvard Business School and MIT, Roberta is in a league of her own, and could easily sit on her laurels, yet this exceptional woman has made it a priority to help and guide the next generation of women executives. “I believe in finding the genius in others and allowing that to shine,” says Roberta.  And if you think her life has been easy, think again.  This is a story rooted in love of family, responsibility, and determination.  For an entre into excellence in business and in life, download Roberta’s powerful life story.  @robertasydney   #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons    #mydoveproductions 

Kim Weild -065

In this episode, we traveled to ArtsEmerson’s gorgeous Paramount Theatre in Boston to meet Kim Weild, director of American Moor written and performed by Keith Hamilton Cobb.  Described as an “urgent solo work that examines the experience of black men in America” American Moor is the kind of play that asks the kinds of questions that jar the soul and make us think. Raised in Westchester County, New York, Kim spent the first part of her life as a ballerina, dancing with the New York City Ballet and attending a private high school for the performing arts.  Her decision to leave the world of dance to pursue a career in theatre arts was a brave left-hand turn she remains grateful for to this day. In this interview, Kim shares the key to being a great actor, an inspiring director, a hard worker, and an effective college professor.  Her views on success and what matters most in life are worth your download. “I think kindness is a super-power” says Kim. We couldn’t agree more.   @artsemerson   @kimweild   @keithhamiltoncobb   #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons    #mydoveproductions 

Lisa Nickerson -064

Meet a woman who started showing the business community what she was made of in high school when she won her regional newspaper’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award!  Lisa Nickerson has been steadily climbing the ladder toward success ever since and is now the CEO and Founder of Nickerson PR and Nickerson Real Estate Partners. Recently recognized as one of Boston’s most powerful women in real estate, Lisa is a big believer in philanthropy and serves on the boards of Boston Women in Media & Entertainment, Housing Families and the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative. Her incredible climb to the top has not been without obstacles and roadblocks.  The mom of three teenagers, Lisa shares her devotion to not only mothering but mentoring her children. Her boundless energy and tireless work ethic have been both a blessing and a curse, and her wise advice to rising female entrepreneurs and executives is worth your download.  @NickersonPR    @NickersonRE   #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons    #mydoveproductions 

Dana Siegal -063

Meet a woman who has taken her skills and talents in the healthcare field and married them to her lifetime love of the arts and the fight against cancer. Dana Siegal is a wife, a mother, an RN, the Director of Patient Safety for CRICO Strategies and the Artistic Director for a non-profit called Voices of Hope. Founded in 2009, Voices of Hope is made up of 200 cast members who have all been impacted by cancer.  Together, they sing, and dance, and entertain, all to benefit cancer research.  But, as Dana will tell you, Voices of Hope is more than a theatre group, it is a cancer community and her role is to bring out the very best in every person who wants to share their talent. In this inspiring interview, Dana reveals a life story that has included a life-altering MS diagnosis in her 20’s and the decision to stay positive and resilient in the face of loss.  A source of strength and hope to so many people, Dana Siegal believes that we can find reason and purpose in everything that happens to us.  @danaewensiegal    @voicesofhopeboston     #storybehindhersuccess    #16LifeLessons    #mydoveproductions