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4 Life Lessons From The Floor -166

Every once in a while, we have to get thrown down on the floor to see the world from a new perspective. That’s where we come to understand what really matters. That’s where we press the re-set button and learn some of life’s greatest lessons. -Candy O’Terry

I’m recording this episode in bed, flat on my back with a ruptured disc. After a 5 day stay in the hospital, I’m still in a lot of pain, but I didn’t want to miss this time with you. I’ve been thinking long and hard about the life lessons I’ve learned this week, so I came up with 4 life lessons from the floor…and my hope is that they might just help you if you are ever faced with an injury or an illness and you need some guidance, or a virtual hand to hold….maybe even a laugh…or a smile. And please forgive how I sound. One of the many things I’ve learned down here is that you become smaller. Your voice loses its power, you feel diminished, weak, a burden and kind of like a loser. It’s humbling down here, and that is lesson #1 from the floor.

Emily Tamilio -165

In the spotlight, a dynamic healthcare leader who is a champion for women’s health. Emily Tamilio is a registered nurse who is a member of the Beth Israel Lahey Health Women’s Leadership Council and Emerson Hospital Auxiliary. She has worked in leadership roles in health systems, start-ups and as a consultant, and is proud of her work for the the 131 year old Deaconess Abundant Life Committee’s leadership team. And there is so much more to this story. Raised outside of Boston in a strong Armenian family, bound together by the Armenian genocide, Emily often heard the stories both grandmothers told her about escaping their country to come to America. She learned at a very early age that life requires giant doses of courage. She is a mother and a breast cancer thriver who always sees the glass as hall full, choosing a heart full of gratitude that in turn feeds her persistence. No stranger to obstacles in her path, she tunes out negative talk, believing that fear is what stops us in our tracks. According to this exceptional woman, “fear is false evidence appearing real.” In this interview, Emily shares news about co-hosting her first podcast called “Bridgin” which will focus on fostering equity through connection. For a dose of positive energy you can use, just hit that download button.