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Sarah Ripoli -134

Everything in life is about mindset and outlook. If you shift your mindset and rise above, no matter what circumstances you are born into or what has happened to you, ultimately you will create your own path and future. -Sarah Ripoli

Imagine that you are six years old, and an only child. You are sitting next to your sleeping grandfather on a couch in your basement while your mother is upstairs, packing up her things. Within minutes, she is dead, shot by your father and your whole world is changed forever. Welcome to the life of Sarah Ripoli. Now a New York City based fashion blogger,, Sarah is standing up and speaking her truth about domestic violence. Raised by her grandparents in her native New Jersey, she was surrounded by love and support. Sarah never wanted anyone to know what she had been through, so she kept her secret for 20 years. When she was 25, Sarah realized that she had to examine her past in order to create her future. She is the Co-Founder of Angel Energy,, an e-commerce based fashion brand and a philanthropic movement to stop domestic violence. Sarah’s powerful message is filled with a belief that every person is put on earth for a purpose and her goal is to be a voice for children who have lost a parent to domestic violence. The coronavirus quarantine locked us all down, but for abusive relationships, the lockdown resulted in a drastic increase in incidences of domestic violence. The fact is: 1,000 women are killed every year by men they know. Angel Energy donates 25% of its proceeds to charities that serve as lifelines for women and families affected by domestic abuse. For a glimpse into a life path paved by resilience, hit that download button!  #inspiringstories  #resilience

Jo Jorgensen -133

I would hope that the American people would look past my gender and just look at the ideas. I want to see freedom in my lifetime. I want to see people be able to make their own decisions. -Jo Jorgensen

Meet Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. In Boston as part of her whirlwind tour across America, Jo agreed to an exclusive interview with me. Born in Libertyville, Illinois, and raised in a nearby town with only one stop light, Jo had a libertarian mindset before she knew anything about the Libertarian Party. A graduate of Baylor University, Jo went on to Southern Methodist University for her MBA and earned her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Clemson University in 2002 where she is now a senior lecturer. The VP running mate for Harry Brown in the 1996 presidential campaign, Jo believes that “our government is too big, too bossy, too nosy and too intrusive. It’s time to put the decision making power back into the hands of the people.” In this interview, she explains what it means to be Libertarian, and answers my questions about key issues like: how to heal unrest in our country, what she would have done if she were president during the Coronavirus outbreak, her views on our criminal justice system, the police, her stance on decriminalizing drugs, healthcare, our military, prayer in schools, the IRS, the FDA, no-knock raids, and whether to send teachers and children back into the classroom. But it is Jo’s heartfelt answers about gender, motherhood, how she gets around obstacles, and her view on what success really means that give the listener a clear view of the contents of her character. With her supporters repurposing #imwithher Jo’s hope is that as a third party candidate, she will be able to debate President Trump and former Vice President Biden on a national stage so that voters can understand what she truly stands for. #letherspeak #letherdebate #JoJorgensen2020

Cheryl Pillar -132

Any ailment, pain or challenge your loved one experienced in life is gone. They are at peace. They are happy. It’s that simple. – Cheryl Pillar

In this episode, we connect with Cheryl Pillar: the dc medium. Her new book Here In Spirit is a quick and powerful read that answers the 7 most commonly asked questions about what happens to our loved ones after they die. Truth be told, I met Cheryl a few years ago at a meeting in Virginia and watched her in action. She is the real deal and that story is in this interview. Born and raised in Indiana, Cheryl started recognizing her openness to Spirit when she was in a yoga class and her beloved Nana appeared to her at the moment she died.
A consultant by day, Cheryl’s unique ability to tap into someone has also helped her untangle complicated business relationships. The single mother of Collin and Emma, Cheryl completed her psychic mediumship training in 2014 after searching for someone who could be her mentor. SoulConX is her latest endeavor and the answer to that problem. Cheryl’s new company will be a place where those who have the gift of psychic mediumship can receive further training to perfect their natural skills and techniques. You learn a lot about life when you talk to the dead and Cheryl Pillar is proof of that. If you are worried about someone you have lost, this interview will answer your questions and reassure you that our loved ones never real leave us. Most importantly, says Cheryl: “all souls go to heaven. Even if a person has not lived a good life, we all get another shot; over and over again until we get it right.” #psychicmedium