Bracha Horovitz: Israeli author of Soldier On -252

Success for me is determination. As long as you are alive, you don’t give up. You don’t quit.  -Bracha Horovitz

Born in 1952, just 6 years after the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel, Bracha’s name means “a blessing” in Hebrew. The daughter of a holocaust survivor whose entire family was killed at Auschwitz, Bracha grew up believing that in order to succeed, you must never look back. Raised in the idyllic town of Ein Kerem, just south of Jerusalem, she recalls a simple life, steeped in family traditions and a deep devotion to Israel. One of the first settlers to come to Israel when the death camps were liberated, Bracha’s father was the founder of agricultural settlements and would travel throughout the country, teaching people how to grow things in an unforgiving climate with rocky soil. As a first-generation Israeli, Bracha is called a “Sabra” after the cactus that grows in the region. Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside, she was raised to be resilient. At 18, she proudly entered the Israeli Defense Force or IDF, fulfilling the requirement for all men and women to serve their country for two years. Says Bracha: “ It is the whole idea of giving something to your country. You are part of contributing to society and in doing so, you become a mature, strong adult.” At 20, Bracha married a man named Zvi, attended college to get a degree in textile engineering, and gave birth to two daughters. The family landed in Boston when Zvi was offered a job at Malden Mills in Lawrence, MA. Tasked with leading the famous mill’s research and development team, Zvi was at the helm during the creation of the fabric known as polar fleece. In this interview, Bracha shares the story of their severely disabled son who taught the family powerful life lessons: Says Bracha: “Ronnie taught us all how to love, how to be compassionate, how to feel, and how to see a light in someone, without voice. “ As an Israeli, Bracha shares her insights into the war between Israel and its aggressors declaring “I am far away physically, but very close emotionally with my mind and my soul always in Israel.” #israel #resilience #holocaustsurvivor #IDF #polarfleece @maldenmills @templeemanuelandover