Wendy Murphy -016

At a time when everyone is talking about metoo and timesup, many people do not realize that men and women are not equal under the Constitution of the United States.  Attorney Wendy Murphy knows this fact only too well.  Her career has been devoted to defending the rights of women and children.  As a young attorney, she tried the most horrendous cases where women and children were raped, their lives forever changed.  She began taking on cases no one else wanted, often for free.  Her groundbreaking book: And Justice For Some, along with her work to change laws and affirm the importance of the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment are just part of the inspiring life story of this fearless, exceptional woman.  The mother of five, Wendy Murphy is a lion in the courtroom who is determined to create a future where her daughters are treated equally to men in the eyes of the law. Subscribe on your favorite podcast player.

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